Miniature Aussiedoodles

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Our vet said today that he was very impressed with the shots you gave them and which shots you got them. He said he'd never seen a breeder that organized or on top of it. He vaccinated his dogs the same way you do your litters.  

 - Christoper



I just can't express to you just how impressed I am with Gizmo. He is such a good boy. No problems sleeping in his crate at night, always goes potty/poop outside. Loves his play OH BOY! But is super independent when he needs to be. He's adapted so well! - Dayne



From start to finish our experience with Country Time Doodles was wonderful! Wendy was so sweet and helpful! Rigby is our first puppy and I asked A LOT of questions...haha !

- Tara



 Baby is doing great. Loving on everyone. Other grandparents went over to meet her and love her. Has not used the bathroom in the house one time. You did a great job getting her ready for her new family. We are so glad we found you. Thank you for such a sweet puppy. 

- Sydney's Grandma



We got our Aussiedoodle from Country Time and absolutely love him! He is a great addition to our family and can't imagine not having him around!

- Lucas



 My husband and I are absolutely in love with our little Dallas, he follows us everything even to the bathroom, he has done nothing in the house and is just a super intelligent little guy, thank you very much for our little fur ball! 

- Sharon



 I had my heart set on a Sophie puppy and had deposits in for a long time with her , but ended up getting a Mini Borderdoodle. I had been watching their litter grow on Facebook, and when I saw that Rosco was still looking for a home, I inquired a ton about his personality and decided he was the one. He has been everything I wanted. I wasn't ready for my second, but Wendy contacted me when Franklin (Patrick) became available because she knew what qualities and temperament I was seeking, and she thought he would be a great fit...  




and did she ever nail it-- Twice! They couldn't be any cuter, and they have the biggest personalities. They are so loving, well mannered, and listen about 90%. They are good off leash and are loved at dog parks and daycare. They would be perfect if I was more consistent with all of their training, but they impress so many people they meet and are just as special as can be. 

- Lesley

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