Miniature Aussiedoodles

About Us



Ebbie is an ASDR Miniature Australian Shepherd. She is as sweet as they come! She has one of those “ray of sunshine“ personalities but is fiercly protective of her puppies!  Her beautiful, unique color creates some amazing puppies crossed with Pecos! 



Winnie is a registered standard Australian Shepherd. She is full of love and joy has the most beautiful blue eyes! She is very smart and playful and LOVES the water! We will be expecting her first litter 10/19 of standard Aussiedoodles.


Emmy Lou is a registered Australian Shepherd. She is a goofy playful girl who loves everyone and everything! She hasn't met a person or dog that she doesn't love!


Clancy is a registered Miniature Poodle. He is the happiest little guy! He never has a bad day and always there to make you smile!



Pecos is a purebred Miniature Poodle. He is the man of the house! He is very intelligent and loves nothing more than to be held and scratched! He gives us the most beautiful and colorful puppies! We are blessed to have him!