Miniature Aussiedoodles



Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy kindergarten is a 4 or 8 week period where your puppy will stay in our home and learn crate training and  the introduction to potty training. The goal in kindergarten is to teach your puppy  how to channel energy so learning life skills is much easier and makes the move into your home a smoother transition for your puppy and your family!

Turnkey Puppy

A turnkey puppy  will go to a trainer that I partner with in Montrose, Colorado. Your puppy will go at 8 weeks of age and stay for 4 months. It will be completely house and obedience trained. For more information on the details of the turnkey training program please visit their Facebook page Iron Will Dog Training.

Doc is a turnkey puppy that is available through Iron Will Dog Training in Montrose, Colorado.


With any training package, you and your puppy will receive a lifetime of support! Anything you need, we will be there!

Iron Will Dog Training

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